2016 trends for your business

Review of the practices to watch for in the coming year


Obviously, the New Year is ripe with lists like “Top 5”,  “What to look out for” or “10 new trends to get a good start”!

From a macro perspective, there are of course the trends released by Faith Popcorn, an authority on the subject, with her blog “17 trends that reveal the future” or the “15 tendances bien installées, identifiées par Faith Popcorn, qui nous aide à mieux comprendre autant les travailleurs que les consommateurs”. Because “I would like to remind you that TRENDS are neither novelties, fads or passing phenomena. They represent, on a given date (today, for instance), attitudes and behaviours that can be qualified as durable.” [translation]

In this month’s blog, I decided to present to you the best articles written on the subject, but from the perspective of the four main components of an organization. Thus, this review of the practices to watch out for in 2016 will be made for the following sectors:

  • Human Resources
  • Finances and Accounting
  • Operations Management
  • Communications and Marketing

The beauty of my article is that you are free to read one or two articles now, or even only read the subtitles, keep it all in the back of your mind and come back to it later on during the year to continue reading, according to your needs. Therefore, bookmark this webpage right now, then let’s go!

PPS: Did you find an article that captures well one or more trends for 2016? Send it to me at rclement@sadcpapineau.ca; I’m always curious to read an article on this subject! Who knows, your reference may find itself on the SADC’s Facebook page in the coming days…


5 trucs imparables pour recruter en 2016


The question is obvious: How to effectively recruit, today and for the future? Which approach to adopt, exactly, to find the perfect match and, even better, to get them to join you?

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Hausse du salaire minimum au Québec à 10,75 $ le 1er mai


The minimum wage in Québec will be $10.75 per hour starting on May 1, 2016, the Government of Québec announced last Tuesday. This represents a $0.20 per hour raise. As for the minimum wage payable to employees that earn tips, it will be raised from $9.05 to $9.20 per hour.

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Formation: et si vous vous mettiez aux Mooc d'entreprise ?


Imagine a world where, without having to leave work, your employees train online in an interactive, playful and practical way. This dream has become a reality with the emergence of MOOC (“Massive Online Open Courses”) and their more professional versions COOC (“Corporate Online Open Courses”) and SPOC (“Small Private Online Courses”). 

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Les 5 grandes nouvelles tendances du Crowdfunding !


Crowdfunding represents a major evolution in the way local businesses and projects are funded, and it shakes up the conventional funding models.

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Technology helps entrepreneurs improve cash flow


You just finished a service call at a client’s business. Now you need to get paid.

Today you can whip out your smartphone, log into a mobile billing service and enter the transaction details and your customer’s credit card information. 

L’adjointe virtuelle, une tendance à la hausse


Actually, virtual assistants act as self-employed workers. By working for several clients at once, they can more easily adapt to variable demands. Contracts with them can be temporary and customized to your needs. Thus, you don’t have to hire an employee, with all the money, time and paperwork that entails, only to have to lay him/her off if you no longer need him/her.


Intégrer la RSE dans leur business, une nécessité pour les PME


CSR as an economic pillar for SMEs? Far from being foolish, the idea actually became a necessity: to stand out from the competition, to innovate, to reduce risks, to assert its position in a given market… Integrating an environmental and societal process in your global strategy lets you boost your business.

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Les TIC : pour mieux innover et performer, c’est prouvé !


The more your business uses Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), the more innovative it is, and the more performant it becomes; such is the virtuous circle that emerges from the data collected over the last year by CEFRIO (in French).

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Réinventer son modèle d’affaires pour votre entreprise


You need to create value within your business? This is the perfect opportunity to develop a new business model and thus gain unique competitive advantages.

(ok, this article dates back to 2012, but in our opinion, reinventing your model is still relevant in 2016!)


PME/TPE : Les grandes tendances webmarketing pour 2016

Rapport des tendances 2016 du Fonds des médias du Canada


These words of welcome introduce ENTERING THE AGE OF EXPERIENCE, our 4th edition, analyzing trends in the screen-based and content industries.

Le marketing par courriel en tête de ma liste de résolutions pour 2016


Email marketing remains an extremely effective strategy, despite all that is said on the subject. In B2B, it is THE strategy with the highest ROI.

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