Our vision

The Société d'aide au développement de la collectivité (SADC)de Papineau is an essential authority and a partner for the successful development of businesses, entrepreneurs, and communities.

Our mission

To support and stimulate the development of communities, entrepreneurship and businesses by fostering the maintenance and creation of job.

  • through technical and financial expertise provided to entrepreneurs and businesses
  • through our leadership in local economic development
  • through our work with partners throughout the territory

Our values

The directors and employees of the SADC Papineau believe in:

  • Independence

We believe in people’s ability to do things by themselves and in the empowerment of communities to assume responsibility for the development of their local capacities and potential.

  • Partnership

We work cooperatively with their clients and partners toward a common goal, complementing and respecting each other’s strengths, roles, opinions and contributions.

  • Commitment

We are committed to share their expertise with their clients and partners, and to respond transparently, effectively and quickly to their needs as well as to participate actively in local and regional initiatives.

  • Audacity

We take calculated risks in vulnerable sectors, while remaining open and constructive in order to provide opportunities and support our clients and partners’ audacity.

  • Personalized service

We provide our clients with both our availability and our sympathetic ear. We work with our clients at developing innovative solutions based on specific needs, and we take all necessary measures to ensure that information remains confidential.

  • Fairness

We divide our time equally among the sectors we serve, and acknowledge the strengths and differences of each in order to highlight the potential of individuals and the territory.

  • Sustainable development

We prioritize projects that support the principles of sustainable development in order to foster the territory’s long-term economic, social and ecological viability.


A rich organization in its history


Since 30 years, the SADC Papineau granted 668 loans for a total of $93 558 252 in project value. Moreover, 1106 jobs had been created and 2543 jobs had been sustained. In order to respond to entrepreneurs needs, the SADC Papineau continues to innovate with new services and new tools.


Equipped with a new five-year agreement with Economic Development Canada, the SADC Papineau developed a new strategic plan that revisited both its mission and its values in order to better focus on services that are better aligned with its community and its entrepreneurs.


The SADC Papineau inc. celebrated 25 years of existence and the 10th anniversary of its Youth Strategie Program ! It now has access to nearly 6 million dollars of investment funds for the specific purpose of financing business enterprises on its territory as well as supporting the socio-economic development of its community. Moreover, it counts on a 7 full time employee team, all dedicated to the local development of the Papineau and Collines-de-l’Outaouais areas.


After 10 years of existence, many CADC’s throughout Canada had not truly found their operational niche. Consequently, the federal government decided to merge the CADC’s with the Centre d’aide aux entreprises (CAE’s) and to change their name to « Sociétés d’aide au développement des collectivités (SADC) ». The Réseau des SADC du Québec came into being on May 6, 1995 and now brings together 57 SADC and 10 CAE.


The Sociétés CLE are included in the new Programme de développement des collectivités (PDC) with the CADC, under the name « Centre d’aide aux entreprises (CAE) ». Each evolves in a specific area corresponding to its mission: local development for the CADC’s, and job development and services to businesses for the CAE.


The federal government changes the program’s name to the « Société de croissance locale de l’emploi (CLE) ». It all begins in Papineau county and is eventually extended to all areas of Quebec on January 8, 1985. The objective then focuses on economic development of businesses in the Papineau county.


Establishment of the program « Aide au développement économique local (ADEL) », whose mission is development and job creation in disadvantaged areas, the creation of an investment fund in order to grant financial assistance to small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as the establishment of a corporation to provide technical assistance services for the development of business enterprises.


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