Sustainable Development

sustainable development

The CSR service is a guidance service offered to entrepreneurs that own small or medium-sized enterprises and want to improve the profitability, productivity, visibility and sustainability of their business.

For businesses

The goal of the service is to push the business to become more effective and more sustainable. The deal is to create long-term financial value and to impacts various aspects: finances, human resources and environment.

The SADC service will allow the business:

  • to attract and keep good employees;
  • to reduce the operating and resource development costs;
  • to maintain and increase its market share;
  • to foster innovation and learning;
  • to improve its branding;
  • to improve its access to the financing it wants;
  • to be able to comply with the regulations and to adopt the industry’s voluntary standards to distinguish itself.

For municipalities

The CSR service offers guidance in the territorial planning exercise with a view to sustainable development.

Types of services:

  • facilitation of processes with citizens as well as political and socioeconomic decision-makers to help them define a strategic vision of their communities’ development;
  • development and implementation of strategies and actions to realize the vision that has been defined.

Service offer

  • Diagnostic and analysis
  • Implementation of and support to the realization of the Action Plan
  • GRI Certification
  • Communications

The first meeting is free, professional fees may be charged thereafter.



Available regional resources:

Directory of businesses and organizations in the region that offer ecological products or services

Financing for your projects:

Financing and incentive programs to have an ecologic business

Investissement Québec

Why CSR?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) refers to an organization’s responsibility towards the impact of its decisions and activities on the community and environment. CSR must translate into an ethical and transparent behaviour by the organizations.

These video links explain, in a brilliant fashion, CSR and SD:

Sustainable Development
Mélissa Bergeron

Mélissa Bergeron
Executive Director
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Sustainable Development
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